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March 25, 2010



Dear Rob,
Yes indeed I think you're really onto something with these colors. Laura Guido-Clark is right! I used to have a 1973 Porsche 2 liter 914 that was unfortunately painted black over the original color of orange. I like bike frames that let the color speak for itself & bring attention to a well designed object. Not overly excessive detailing is much preferred. Keep it straightforward, simple & happy. The blue reminds me of one of the colors used by Porsche & Co. in the early 70's Martini & Rossi racing team scheme. Those were pretty! You're correct about the color choices of today being pretty bland which is such a shame.

I think Jan & Dean singing about the cars of their dreams had as much to do with the fact that cars/car infrastructure didn't create so many problems back then that they do today, as well as cars being much more distinctive back then too.

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