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January 21, 2010



if you are in sj at some point i would suggest you try out www.sjbikeparty.org there are tons of folks from all spectrums of cycling there.


I agree with the above remarks about the Dahon Mu Uno. I've never seen one in the flesh, but it does seem like a pretty cool bike that is devoid of unnecessary complications. In a sense it reminds me of something Richard Sapper might have designed-elegant & functional. The designer is an aerospace engineer who spent a lot of time trying to make a bike that would fold but was also structurally sound.

Being able to pop a bike into a car on occasion without having to mess with bike racks is enormously appealing I must say!


i'm intrigued by the dahon mu uno. i thought my next bike purchase would be a folding brompton (the best designed folder i had seen to date), but i think the minimalist beauty of the mu uno has won me over!

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