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June 10, 2008


andrew rumpler

Thanks for writing about our latest work presented at ICFF (Elsie series). I too was a bit let down with this years exhibition, but more with visitor turn out, rather than with what was exhibited.
As for our new work being "largely visual rather that functional", i would love to hear more on this idea, as i feel the products we showed (and make) are highly functional and are meant to be used.


so, what might all this mean? something about a correction to normalcy? less irrational, less exuberant? maybe those people making stuff intended to sell have just felt bleak and uninspired--ok, circumspect at best--for the last year or so, as well they should. maybe a few people have caught on to the irrelevance of most of the "design" work at these carnivals. maybe the not-so-secret secret--that "design's goal", by any other name, is about (horrors!) base commerce--becomes a little more obvious when the dollars go away. art, meanwhile, does whatever it wants... not what you (or i, or they) want. nice work, as ever.

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