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January 31, 2008



i disagree completely with this bias against red. what did red ever do to you? red can be warm and inviting, if given the opportunity. red quite often makes other colors look good - they need their old pal red to make them shine.


Hi Rob,
I agree with you, a little bit of color can certainly go a long way in effectively sending a message to it's intended audience. The overuse of the color red has a marketing effort behind it corresponding to a very short window of time to get a product to market & make a sale. I imagine folks are competing with each other in the marketplace. Your mentioning red & the power it holds, reminds me of an excerpt I read awhile ago in a used cookbook from Dean & DeLuca where they mentioned that sun dried tomatoes are very powerful & a little bit really goes a long way. I think we had a phase here in California where everything was buried under enormous quantities of the stuff. When I think of my experiences in eating courses that contained them, I unfortunately don't have the best recollections. The same comparison could also be made with anchovies, the material needs to be used judiciously and sparingly.
This might be cliche', but I think there's also the human propensity or maybe weakness that if a little bit is good than more is certainly better. Why are most of the boats in a marina blue & white? The gray & brown I'd attribute to primer in it's battle with mother nature & corrosion or rust respectively. If Alexander Calder were around today, would he have tackled the hull of a boat in the same manner that he went after airplane fuselages? Possibly!
Thanks for the interesting article.

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