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December 05, 2007


Laura Gottwald

Gosh! It took reading your blog to hear about the new pres of my own alma mater! Very impressive. I'm thrilled with RISD, Meada and you!

James Collins

1) bordeaux theory"? A stretch but poetic and charming nonetheless

2) I'm very intrigued by the notes on design. From the time Homo erectus first broke shards off a rock to use to cut meat off a bone, we have been inexorably linked to the design of the made-made objects we interact with. I've always thought that was huge but am constantly amazed at the preponderance of people who don't agree, sigh.

3) As for "doors" the definition of the door is evolving. That's an opportunity to design new solutions for evolving needs. Within any such context there will be good design and bad. Probably more of the bad but that's another list...

Mark Simmons

Interesting connection between the wine bottle and the doors.

It also made me think: are there good garage doors? Do garage doors have a regional taste?

Ilse Lang

"Door beaux" is amazing play with the same characters.Congratulations! Indeed,a bottle is a three dimensionel arch.I had never seen it this way....

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