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November 13, 2007


Oliver Pesch

Hello Rob!

I am glad to hear that you liked Berlin. It is a great city and getting better day.

The bikes are something that is now available in almost every where a train station is. Thats also why these are called Bahn Bikes because the German railway (Deutsche Bahn) is renting them out and it started out on the stations in the beginning. Imagine Amtrak would do that in the US! It is a great idea and is now even done with cars in carsharing.

Congrats to the site and greeting from Miami Beach.

Oliver Pesch


@ K. Allison

i believe you misread the price. "15,00 Euros" is just 15.00 euros. europeans use a comma in place of an period.

K. Allison

Sorry-- I misread your post. I see now that it was 1500 Euros (not 15,000), but that still seems like a lot. :-)

K. Allison

15000 Euros is currently more than $22,000 USD! Can you confirm your final charge in US dollars? Thanks for posting-- very informative and I agree the rent-a-bike is a great idea.

Kathleen Bouvier

First; thanks for the turn about Mies link. Almost like being there. It reminds me of the structure at La Brea in L.A. - the exterior (an underapppreciated place in my mind).

Second; YES on the public bikes concept. The first time I experienced this was on the lots of Disney studios. Seems it is a long running tradition there. The bikes are even labeled with the names of stars from years past who used them. That was fun.

If memory serves (meaning it was some time ago) the city of Amsterdam had in place a system much like the one you desccribed in Berlin. But I think in was on an honor system (how very Amsterdam! Love that.). That is to say, take a bike use it and park it at your destination - no registration, no charge card. Radical, non?

I believe that Ann Arbor Michigan made a stab at this concept as well. Davis California may have toyed with the idea too.

Talk it up. Who knows, it could become a 'Thing' in urban renewal.

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